UTD FriendSpeak

FriendSpeak is a free English conversational class that meets every day of the week both on and off-campus depending on the student's schedule.  A regularly scheduled class meets each Tuesday night from 6:00-7:00 PM in the Student Union.  Each person is assigned to an American volunteer to read a series of books adapted from stories in the Bible as well as talk about any interesting subject.   Many people come to improve their English,  but they end up making life-long friends.  The setting is classroom style, but the environment is very casual to benefit the foreigner's language skills. 


When: Tuesday 6:00-7:00 PM ( If that time is not convenient, please request alternate time )

Where: UTD Student Union Food Court in front of Starbucks

Contact: David Woodward  Phone:  214-616-2715 Email:   friendspeakdavid@gmail.com


FriendSpeak is designed for those who already speak a little English, but who want to practice conversation. FriendSpeak is not an official teaching curriculum for language, reading, or writing.  The reading sessions are between 45 minutes to one hour in length. Part of the time is spent in friendly conversation, the basis for a relaxed, and caring atmosphere. The remainder of the session is spent using a lesson from one of the FriendSpeak workbooks.


  • Free English conversation classes
  • One-on-one environment
  • Focus on conversation
  • Practice listening, speaking, and vocabulary skills
  • Learn conversational English not textbook English
  • Builds confidence in speaking
  • Make a friend
  • Friendly, casual atmosphere